A Task too Big

Whew!  It’s done!  Mountains of papers cover the table, the floor, the counter.  Snack wrappers are mixed in with the financial statements after hours upon hours of searching for numbers.  I’m sweating.  I’m swearing.  I’m utterly exhausted.  But, at last, it is done!  Eighty-five pages of forms are complete.  Whew!

One would think that an educated person with several college degrees could complete their tax client organizer pages with ease. However, this annual experience causes great angst.  The terms on the forms are sometimes like a foreign language; if I don’t know what it means, how can I find it?  Then the worry creeps in as I wonder, what if I am doing it wrong?  Will the big, bad tax man come after me with outstretched hand?

Now that I am done and can breathe for a minute, I realize that my students may feel the same way as I do now on many days.  They may feel the task is too big, the words are unknown, and it is impossible to complete.  I must remember this feeling if I am to help them work their way through it.  A snack might even help.  After all, I just hand my client organizer pages over to my accountant to fill out the actual tax forms, but my students are all on their own.