First blog post

As I prepare for the March challenge and become a slice-of-lifer for the first time, I look back to move forward. My children are grown and we were recently blessed with our first grandchild.  The purest joy is experienced when holding that little bundle! As I look in his face, I try to remember my own children at this age.  I work to bring forth those small moments that I thought I would never forget, but the memories that I can tap into are mostly fuzzy.  During their growing up years, the demands of day-to-day life often took control of what I was able to accomplish in a day. Writing often was pushed to the bottom of the task list where it  would linger for days, even weeks.  The written recordings of my children’s lives that I do have, are now treasures.  I wish I had written more often.

So, looking forward, I am moving writing to the top of my “to do” list.  I am going to move through life with wide-open eyes to take in more of that life. Many of my entries will be about what goes on in my classroom.  Even more of my entries will probably be about my grandson in the hopes that we can relive his small moments together some day. This challenge is a welcome one.