Reflection on SOL

Right-to-the-point reflection on SOL:

*It was a real challenge to write every day.

*Putting myself out there to possible criticism was uncomfortable at first.

*It may have helped me be a better teacher as I often put myself in the shoes of the child to view writing from his/her perspective.

*Reading the writing of others was a wonderful way of connecting.

*I found that I actually would have liked more critiquing of my writing to help me be a better writer.

*I did not try as many different writing strategies as I should have.

*Belonging to such a positive writing community was fulfilling.

*I want to thank my colleague who asked me to join her in the challenge.

*Thank you, too, to those who run the SOL and do the work to keep it going.

Until next year!


6 thoughts on “Reflection on SOL

  1. Thanks for being part of the challenge! One idea for next time or Tuesdays if you continue to join us… at the bottom of your post, you might say you are looking for specific feedback about your writing. Commenters might then feel safe to do that… I personally would never give anyone critical feedback about writing unless specifically asked. Just a thought!


  2. I agree with many of your points. Definitely a challenge to write every day. I hope you will keep writing on Tuesdays. I found it interesting that you wish more people had commented on the writing. If you do keep writing, I will try to remember that when I read your slices!


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