Pirates, and Bears, and Trolls, Oh My!

Reaching way back on a shelf in my memory bank, I took down an idea today and dusted off the cobwebs. This idea was created many years ago when my children were little and their daddy would make up stories to entertain them.  My husband had a colorful imagination and would put it into high gear when weaving a tale to fascinate his girls.  There were tales of trolls that lived in our culvert who would come out every day at dusk.  Talking bears, BIG brown bears, roamed amongst the trees in our backyard looking for friends to play with. And pirates frequently landed on the beach in front of our cottage searching for their buried treasure. The more squeals of delight or even fearful moans he could emit from his offspring, the more successful my husband felt.

We often talked of collaborating together to write stories for youngsters.  My husband with his vivid imagination would come up with the story lines and I would commit them to paper, wrangling with the wording, is how the plan went.  The idea was fascinating to us both, but time passed and we got busy raising the family and working.  No words ever made it to the paper.

Now, however, may be a good time to rekindle those stories as gifts for our grandson.  If we could present him with a story written just for him every year on his birthday, he would always have a little part of us to enjoy at his whim.  As a youngster, we would hope that he would like the stories, and as an adult, perhaps he would appreciate the love that would be woven between the words.  Charge up your creative juices, honey, I have my pen and paper ready!

3 thoughts on “Pirates, and Bears, and Trolls, Oh My!

  1. This sounds like a FABULOUS birthday present. I am sure your grandson, not to mention his parents, would absolutely love it!


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