We are Family

It’s funny how we create our habits of routine without even realizing it.  Leaving school tonight after putting in my normal 10 hour day, I went through the same steps I do almost every night. Lock the classroom door.  Forgot something, went back into the room to get it.  Lock the door again.  Say good night to the custodian.  Say good night to the teacher next to me who stays later than I do.  Walk down the stairs, greet a couple of parents picking kids up from Kids Club. Walk down the final hallway that has the door leading to the parking lot.  The last room in this hallway is occupied by a teacher who frequently stays late, also.  I peek to see if she is in her room, then I call out, “Good night, Patty!”  Without even looking up, she quickly replies with, “Good night, Karen!”  This almost-nightly exchange often reminds me of the old Waltons television series where the show ends with the large family calling out to each other from their bedrooms. This simple routine of ending my day brings me comfort and the nightly exchanges with my colleagues makes me feel like we are family.

3 thoughts on “We are Family

  1. It really does feel like the Waltons, the way you describe it, predictable and comfortable and like family. I have a similar routine at my school, I wonder if all teachers do.


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