Mother Nature at Work

Just when you have’em where you want’em, something happens outside of your control to break the spell.  Today, the power went out at school due to high winds.  In an instant the electronics powered down with a gentle whir, the lights went out with a click, and the children jumped up with a yip.  They rushed to the windows to see what was happening and their excited voices started calling out what they could see, each voice louder than the one before it.  “The traffic signal is flying sideways!”  “The leaves are twirling in a vortex!”  “Look at that street sign!  It is almost folded in half!”  It became an unofficial contest to find the next piece of evidence of the high winds blowing by the school.

I was right there with them looking for signs of how the wind was effecting our world.  Part of my wonder was how mother nature could be so powerful as large trees swayed exuberantly all through the neighborhood.  Another part of the wonder was seeing it all through the eyes of the kids.  They were in awe of what they saw. It did not scare them, as I thought perhaps it might, but excited them.  They did not worry about the effects of it as, perhaps, adults would do.  Instead, they took it all in with their eyes like a movie camera would, zooming in on each item that was effected by the wind.

We stayed at the windows for about 15 minutes or so. (Now I am thinking that might not have been safe given the strength of the gusts…oops.) When no one could find yet another example of the power of the wind, everyone returned to their seats without me even telling them to do so.  They were done with the show. Back to a different kind of learning.

17 thoughts on “Mother Nature at Work

  1. It’s always interesting to see children’s responses to things like this. They always act like they have never seen something like this before. I often wonder if they react like this at home, or if they save it for school!


  2. I love the fascination with the first snowfall as well as when the trees sway in the wind. I too love the power of mother nature to change the view outside our windows.


  3. Yikes! I hate wind like this! But how great that you allowed children to dwell in this moment for a little while. I’ll bet some good stories will result!


  4. wow, very fun post! It is nice to see through things the eyes of kids. I liked how you said they don’t see the dangers, just the awe of what was happening outside. It can be a fault, because of how naive they are, but it can be a treat to observe! Thanks 🙂


  5. I love how you captured this moment – switching between the point of view of the students and you. I could hear their voices and see their little bodies jockeying for position at the window. And like the wind… it ended – just like that. Thank you for sharing – beautifully crafted.


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